Welcome to a world of fun

iLearn&Fun is an innovative, interactive and playful brand developing educational applications for basic school concepts.

Our strategy is to enable today’s children to learn and practice their skills outside of school.
Why not let them play and practice in the car, at the restaurant or on the go!?

iLearn&Fun use the latest technologies for mobile phones and tablets to support children and help them explore their optimal potential.

Albert´s Math

Educational Apps for kids

We believe in the tremendous potential of using the device as an educational tool and our aim is to always keep on learning
and being creating ourselves to be able to provide our clients with the most innovative applications on the market.

The applications are developed in co-operation with pedagogues and child psychologists to keep children entertained while learning essential skills for life. Working from tablets and pads allow us to transform your devices into a portable education system or platform from wherever you are.

The Alice World

Alice is a series of innovative, interactive and playful educational games aimed towards preschoolers. It´s a fun and easy to use application with creative sounds and visuals to faster make the connections and memorization. Learn the first numbers, the ABC, shapes, colors and more together with Alice.

The Alice series teaches young children basic knowledge in word recognition, counting numbers, matching pairs, colors, shapes, speech and hand eye coordination. Visit the web

The Alice World